Multi-asset editing and metadata presets

A digital asset is enriched by the quality of the metadata behind it. It is a lot of work going through each asset in the account and manually update each field to ensure that it is as complete and accurate as possible. Don’t forget that you can modify metadata for multiple assets at a time!

Select multiple

From the asset list view inside a gallery, you can select multiple assets at once and use the group actions download window to apply an action on each selected asset.

Metadata Presets

Making modifications to multiple assets at a time is a major time saver. Metadata presets make that process even faster. A metadata preset is like a template that you can setup before and then apply that saved metadata to your assets all at once from the editing page.

Applying the

Applying the “standard” metadata scheme applies the credit and copyright fields automatically, providing consistent values between assets.

Note: Fields between multiple assets that are not identical are marked with [multiple values] and if left alone will not make any updates to those fields when saved.

Metadata presets allow you and your team members to agree on a controlled vocabulary and set of values that you can use to consistently apply to each asset where you set the metadata preset.

Next time you are working on asset metadata, try setting up a metadata preset first. They can be configured from the metadata presets control panel under preferences.
Log in -> Click on gear symbol by your name -> Click on Metadata Presets

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