Convert a “pile of stuff” into valuable brand assets

The service or tools you use to manage  project workflow on files between collaborators and creators is distinctly different from how you organize and deliver finished brand media assets.

For example, when creating an advertisement, you solicit feedback from your stakeholders by sending a proof via email or using a shared file system. This proof is pored over, revised, and new proofs are generated until the final proof is approved by all stakeholders. Do you send the finished product in the same format as the proof? Probably not! You would use a high-quality version, either in print (card stock or glossy paper) or digital format (high-res JPG or a vector-based graphic) to ensure your finished product looks as best as it can be. Certainly you do not want to mix the final version with the previous “final final final in progress v4” file.

This also applies to digital asset management. When making an asset, you may use digital file lockers to share files across your team. It’s easy and works perfectly during the creation process, but this may not necessarily translate to the final product. This is where CleanPix shines. CleanPix has tools and features designed to support you getting organized quickly and deliver finished brand media assets like HD video, hi-res photos, logos etc. 

Working with marketing documents or projects quickly turns into a “pile of stuff”. The pile will usually have the latest finished assets available on top and often, older files (which are valuable) get lost through folders upon folders of “stuff”. Using these services in the initial creation process is fine to start and but when a “pile of stuff” starts, assets cannot be search or properly attributed, much less reusable or scalable.

CleanPix makes sense of your “pile of stuff” with metadata – enabling you to properly access and reuse your brand assets as you need it. With a digital asset management solution, you are no longer fumbling around with various folders or poorly named files, thinking “now where is that final vector version for X campaign again?”

Would you like to make sense of your “pile of stuff”? You can try CleanPix for 14 days  – it takes less than a minute to set up an account and you can be ready to go!

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