6 Steps to a Culture of Innovation

Culture-of-Innovation-cleanpixOn any given day, you can read about the latest technological innovations in mainstream media – but what about the steps to get your corporation to that same level of innovative thought? As a leader, one way to foster innovative culture is to lead from within and display the attributes you wish to see at all levels of your organization.

Flying in the face of convention can seem like an unpopular choice – but for those willing to take the risk, it can result in a vibrant corporate culture that embraces diversity and innovation. We understand it can seem impossible to reshape your office culture, but based on our own experience, it IS possible.

1) Be inspiring and infectious: before you can actually innovate, you have to be prepared to innovate. As leader of your organization, display openness to new ways of thinking and conducting business. Assure your team that all ideas are valid and given equal weight when being considered.

2) Eliminate hierarchy: traditional office hierarchy can make employees feel unimportant and unable to be an agent of innovation. Eliminating hierarchy puts all staff on an equal playing field, one where they feel comfortable sharing new ideas openly.

3) Collaborate: collaboration from within your team and with outside vendors can unite new perspectives and ideas during the innovation process. Many of the most successful creative organizations thrive on collaboration. Encourage collaboration by creating small spaces throughout your office space where team members can gather to discuss projects and ideas.

4) Embrace failure: learn from your mistakes and check your ego at the door. Learn to laugh off failure as a team and analyze without criticizing. The team that knows better will do better. Chalk failures up to learning experiences.

5) Celebrate success (in all its forms): understand how to look for the wins in your organization, both big and small, and celebrate those achievements. By celebrating the achievements of your team, you’ll make them feel valued. Employees who feel valued will be more open to sharing innovative ideas.

6) Prep your team with innovative tools: by equipping your team with innovative and cutting-edge tools like digital asset management software, you’ll ensure a higher level of retention and a culture that’s overflowing with innovative thought leadership. CleanPix is one example of forward-thinking software that is reshaping the way marketers exchange brand assets with each other, vendors and mainstream media.

Today’s business world is changing rapidly. The way we communicate and work with clients is radically completely different than it was even ten years ago. By making changes to the traditional, rigid and outdated structure of business, you’ll not only be ahead of the curve, you’ll be ensuring the success of your business.

So in this new age of innovation, how will you tap into the raw talent hidden within your organization?

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