Organizing Your Brand Asset Management System


When starting out with a new brand asset management system, finding a method of organization that makes sense to your team can feel like a difficult task. One of the key benefits to brand asset management in the cloud is being able to access and distribute your assets from one central hub. But, like any organizational system for a large number of files, when you place files into folders, subfolders and sub-subfolders… remembering where every asset is located can get confusing.

That’s why CleanPix has created image and video galleries to help bridge the gaps within your system of organization. These galleries allow you to group files together from across your database. Think of it as a playlist for your digital assets.

Galleries are also the key to the rights management and distribution of your assets making it easy to deliver access to your assets via the simplicity of a web link. Simplicity doesn’t need to sacrifice flexibility, however.

At a basic level, you have two types of galleries with CleanPix: open and managed. Open galleries provide immediate access, but can also be protected with a unique verbal access code that can be changed at any time or even apply specific expiry dates. The default setting for public facing galleries is managed. Managed galleries allow you to include a customizable request form that is integrated directly into the permission and delivery workflow which makes tracking a breeze.

Because your CleanPix galleries are stored in the cloud, any adjustments you make to a gallery are immediately visible to anyone who already has access. This makes it easy to add or remove assets and modify access levels in a quick and simple fashion.

With CleanPix, we also offer the ability to add terms of use agreements or end user licence agreements (EULAs) with specific galleries, while keeping EULAs disabled for others. We give you all of the tools you need to create galleries that work for your team.

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