Those In The Beginning May Not Be In The End


I have found over the years that companies implementing brand media management services tend to assign specific people to find and implement the service. Unfortunately what I see too often with clients is that the persons involved in the acquiring, contracting and implementing are rarely the same people who end up using the service day to day. In fact, I have seen IT, V.P. and Directors change multiple times prior to using a service. Even after implementation the day to day staff may be revolving and have all levels of capabilities.

This has major implications for marketing and communications teams. Generally, they want to get started as quickly as possible and have a tool that is quickly adapted by existing and new staff. A system may have all kinds of great applications for your team but may not be easy to implement and added staff changes in the middle of a start up add to an already complicated headache.

Here are some considerations for choosing a service for quick adaptation. Anyone on your staff with basic computer skills should be able to access the service and be able to navigate quickly.

  1. Is the service visually intuitive? There tend to be specific paths that administrators follow within any system on a daily basis. These need to be straight forward and evident from the first interaction someone has with the service. Locate and deliver. Upload and organize. Review and change metadata. Make categories and sub-categories. Create links to galleries and update same. These should not require an advanced degree in asset management to navigate.
  2. Does the service have an easy to understand nomenclature? I recently reviewed a service that decided to give fun names to various aspects of the system. Cute but complicated.
  3. Is the logic within the structure pragmatic? The day to day functionality should be directly evident and relevant to the task your team needs to do.
  4. How easy is the transfer of your metadata to the new service? At CleanPix we really focus on this aspect as one of the most important points in transitioning into our service. Your assets represent your brand and with the improper transfer of metadata your project may be biblical.

If you are tasked with acquiring brand asset management and the first thing you are told is that you will be assigned a support team: “RUN FOR THE DOOR”! This statement, although sounding thorough and helpful, tells you immediately that the the system is complex and will require a team of experts for you to implement it. Are set up costs involved? If so, they are likely covering support needed to get started. CleanPix has no setup costs. We would feel really bad charging you for how easy it is to get started.

Can brand asset management be simple to implement? Yes! Will your service be used by a revolving door of staff with varying capabilities? Who starts on the path with you may not be with you at the end of the journey. If so, you will want to choose wisely a service that makes for the path of least resistance to you managing brand media assets.