You Spoke… And We Listened


We’re not one of those startup companies who just sit on their hands all day, watching funny cat videos on YouTube and raiding the company fridge. We’re constantly out on social media engaging with the public, chatting about how we can make our service better. You spoke up on a few key improvements we could make to CleanPix, and we listened.

We’re totally thrilled to announce that as of today it is now possible to save a preset message for outgoing media requests. Just save the default message in the preferences setting ( select “use default text” when replying to a media request

We’ve also added advanced settings to your public URL. Click on “link to specific categories” the next time you need to get the public URL.

But personally, I would like to think we’ve saved the best announcement for last: our team is so proud to introduce a full translation of the service into French. We understand that there are requests for other languages out there, but we rely on your feedback to make that happen. If your organization requires additional language support, let us know by sending us a tweet @CleanPix. We’re looking forward to continuing to evolve our one-of-a-kind service in the months and years to come.

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