Why Metadata Matters To You


Behind every photo is much more than simply a filename. In our industry, the important data behind each media file is called metadata. But what is metadata and why does it matter to you?

Metadata is a highlight of our service and one of our key differentiators. CleanPix uses file metadata to produce effective keyword searches which means less time hunting for files. CleanPix both automatically reads existing file metadata and allows you to define your own such as copyright or usage instructions.

When looking at metadata on your computer, it might be referred to as either file “properties” or “info.” It is this background information that can help you properly title your brand files or even make it possible to search for them in the first place. Digital media management is all about using the power of this background metadata to find and share brand files when you need them most.

In the world of marketing, timeliness and accuracy of information are two of the most critical pillars of success. When you receive a file, it is important to be certain that the author and copyright fields have been correctly attributed to keep yourself out of any potential legal messes. This information is vital to ensure you’re sending the correct file… the first time.

So the bottom line is this: metadata is key in telling the proper story behind your files. By proactively having organized metadata and a system of digital media management in place, you’ll be setting your entire team up for future success.


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