A Lesson In Innovative Leadership From David Bowie


When you think about musicians who are truly groundbreaking, names like Madonna, Michael Jackson and David Bowie rise to the top. These artists are so iconic that even in the wake of their passing, their legacies will shine bright forever. At multiple points in each of these artists’ careers, they were discredited and counted out by the media, but time and time again, they cleverly used innovation and reinvention to reclaim their rightful spot back at the top.

While Bowie’s influence may have lessened as time went on, the impact of his early work was seismic. The greatest lesson we can take away from an artist like David Bowie is one about leading without fear to forge a unique career path that defies convention.

The greatest innovative leaders are those who have a strong imagination and advanced communication skills. They are confident and are not afraid to run with an idea that will ultimately fail. These leaders understand that failure is just a small hurdle on the way to achieving a breakthrough.

Sometimes it’s that fear of looking foolish that holds us back from achieving our full potential. David Bowie displayed that by thinking in a bold and innovative mindset, we are able to liberate those around us from their own limitations.

David Bowie strived consistently to remain innovative and fresh with each career step, including with the release of his final album, Blackstar. If there is one lesson we can take away from an icon like David Bowie, it is that taking bold risks can yield iconic results.

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