How to Accelerate Your Career by Building Better Habits

How to Accelerate Your Career by Building Better HabitsIn 1993, Eugene Pauly, a southern California resident, was urgently rushed to the hospital. Suffering from violent stomach pains and a soaring 105 degree temperature, Mr. Pauly eventually slipped into a coma for 10 days.

After waking, the doctors informed him that the medial temporal lobe of his brain had been decimated by viral encephalitis, resulting in severe short-term memory loss. Due to the malady, Eugene would no longer able to retain new information for more than a minute, though his memory of 30 years prior would still be perfectly functional.

As Eugene and his wife, Beverly, started to settle into their new life, dealing with his short-term memory loss and the incredible hardships that result because of it, they began a new daily routine of walking around the neighborhood block each morning.

One day Beverly went to find and prepare Eugene for their morning walk, but he had disappeared. She was frantic and immediately set out to find him. Where could he have gone? This man who couldn’t recall the names of their grandchildren or even remember where the kitchen was in their own home…

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