Increase Your Productivity with These 7 Digital File Organization Techniques

7 Digital File Organization Techniques

From promotional pictures and company logos, to tutorial videos, infographics and more, we all have an incredible amount of company files we need to keep track of. And more are being created every day!

Marketing has become a very visual medium. But this rise in media assets presents us with a specific problem: how do we better organize our files so that we can quickly find them again when we need them in the future?

Whether you use a DAM (digital asset management) service like CleanPix, a DFL (digital file locker) like Dropbox, or simply store everything on your computer’s hard drive, the answer lies in proper organizational techniques.

In this post, we’ll dive into the top seven ways you can better organize your digital files, regardless of which asset management tool you use. Armed with this in information, you’ll then be able to develop an organizational workflow that streamlines your file storage process and improves your company’s efficiency.

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Is Dropbox holding your company back? The differences between DAM services and digital file lockers


Dropbox was founded in 2007 and quickly changed the way businesses operate. Sharing files became much more convenient and Dropbox grew at a truly historic rate; easily becoming one of the fastest growing software as a service (SaaS) companies of all time.

But the role of digital media has greatly evolved over the past 10 years, as have the business requirements when managing that data. Marketing teams are now faced with specific limitations when using Dropbox, or any other digital file locker — Google Drive, Box, WeTransfer, etc. — for that matter.

These services are still useful. But for the modern marketing team, a dedicated digital asset management (DAM) service may no longer be optional, but mandatory.

In this post we’ll examine the differences between a DAM service and a digital file locker like Dropbox. And by the end of this article, you’ll know exactly whether an investment in DAM will be worth it for your company or not. Let’s get started.

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Your Career and Vacation Time: A Balancing Act

Your Career and Vacation Time: A Balancing Act

Summer time is just around the corner. And for many professionals across the continent, that means embarking on their next great escape —  a well-deserved vacation where they can just relax and really enjoy life.

At least that’s what it should mean!

Unfortunately, many people neglect to use their vacation days, working themselves to the bone and dangerously flirting with burnout. We understand. There’s just so much to do and taking time off just never seems practical, or even possible.

But studies have proven that vacations can have a dramatically positive effect on productivity and success in the workplace. So rather than postponing your getaway indefinitely, let’s discover a few practical tips and strategies to better balance work and play instead.

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