What Exactly Are the CleanPix Galleries?


If you’re at all familiar with the CleanPix service, you’ve most likely heard about galleries; one of the flagship features included with our DAM. But what a gallery actually is and does may still be a bit of a mystery to you. We’re here to clear up any confusion.

In this post we’ll define exactly what the CleanPix galleries are, how they work and a few of the main gallery features our clients find most helpful.

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5 Reasons Why Every Marketing Team Needs a Digital Asset Management Service

7 Digital File Organization Techniques (2)

As a marketing or PR professional, you’re used to using various pieces of software to assist you in your job. From CRM apps to email marketing programs, the simple fact is, most marketing tasks simply can’t be completed without the appropriate use of software.

But often times, digital asset management (DAM) software is overlooked. It shouldn’t be.

DAM services have had a less than desirable reputation in the past, it’s true. But a new breed of DAMs like CleanPix are changing the narrative and becoming an essential part of many marketing teams workflows.

In this post, we’ll explore what exactly a DAM service can do for marketing and PR teams and then discuss five reasons why DAMs are so essential to the modern marketer.

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Can a Digital Asset Management Service Really Make Me More Productive?

7 Digital File Organization Techniques (1)

In our “microwave” society where everything should have been done yesterday, we’re all constantly searching for the next great productivity hack. Something that will help us get more done in less time so we can really begin to chip away at our ever growing to-do lists.

And a whole host of technological innovations have sprung up to assist us on our productivity quests. Digital asset management (DAM) services are one of them.

Designed specifically for marketing and PR professionals, DAM services aim to increase user productivity by providing a centralized cloud-system for companies to store, organize and distribute their large libraries of visual content such as high-res photos and b-roll video footage.

In the past, we’ve made bold claims that our DAM service, CleanPix, can save marketing and PR teams up to 15 hours a week or more! In this post, we’ll explore these claims,explain why they’re accurate and how you can use DAM to achieve these kinds of results as well. But first:

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