4 Tips to a More Impactful Higher Education Branding Strategy

4 tips for a better higher education branding strategy

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Higher education branding isn’t something most universities take seriously. But as competition to acquire new students continues to heat up, the right brand will help your school stand out from its competitors.

In this article, we’ll take a look at what branding really is (hint: it might not be what you think) and why it’s important. Then we’ll give you four actionable tips you can use to build a winning higher education branding strategy.

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Your Quick and Actionable Guide to Color Psychology in Marketing

The power of color psychology in marketing

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The colors you use in your marketing efforts matter. As humans, we’re highly visual creatures. So it makes sense that the colors you choose to promote your company with will affect customer buying decisions. But how much so is up for debate.

In this article, we’ll take a look at color psychology in marketing. We’ll first explain what it is. Then we’ll debunk a common myth, share a few general color guidelines, and give you three actionable tips you can use to improve the colors in your marketing efforts.

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Content Marketing for Hotels: 4 Steps to Better Share Your Brand’s Story


Content marketing is the act of creating and promoting online material in order to build interest in a specific company, product, or service. When done correctly, content marketing doesn’t feel promotional. Instead, it builds a bond between businesses and their target audience. Content marketing for hotels is especially important.

In this article, we’ll teach you why your hotel should invest in content marketing, a four-step strategy to do it correctly, and three amazing examples of brands successfully using content to market their hotels.

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DAM for Higher Education: 3 Tips to Help You Choose the Best Digital Asset Management Platform for Your College or University

Why DAM for Higher Education is valuable

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Managing digital media assets at a college or university is no easy task. Most institutions have thousands of high-res photos, hours of b-roll footage, years (decades, even!) worth of visual marketing materials, and other important files.

Digital asset management (DAM) services make it easy to store, organize, re-locate, and share these files when needed by providing users with a suite of intuitive tools. But with so many DAM platforms on the market, how can you be sure to choose the right one for your school?

In this article, we’ll teach you why DAM for higher education is so valuable, and three tips to choose the perfect service for your institution. Let’s get started!

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