Our team

Nelson Vigneault


As the head of a boutique graphic design agency for 10 years,
Nelson worked with organizations around the world, including
UNCTAD in Geneva and the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) in
New York.

Nelson plays (and owns!) a pipe organ, mostly baroque,
and is confident one day he'll graduate to dubstep.

Inese Birstins


Inese was born in Latvia; grew up in Australia; explored Europe;
had a solo exhibition of her art at the Museum of Contemporary
Art in Sao Paulo, Brazil; landed in Canada.

Nathanael Ritz


When I joined CleanPix in 2007, what impressed me most was the
dedication to the customer – a genuine approach to service and support.
I was impressed to see feedback messages that were like 'gushing
love letters' about CleanPix. What drives me today is the same
drive for the amazing service our clients have come to expect year after year.

Nathanael's dress code chic is made up mostly of video-game
T-shirts, thanks to an annual road trip in the Fall to the PAX video
game convention in Seattle.

Matthew MacLean

System Developer

I joined CleanPix because I wanted to work on something that could
make people happy.

My goals are to make CleanPix into the type of system that turns an
otherwise-boring task into something that you can enjoy doing, and
allow you to do it better!

Matthew has a tremendous appreciation for skill, and dedicates
a lot of his spare time to fulfilling new year's resolutions to
learn one thing after another.

Cary Sweet

Head Developer at CleanPix for 7 years

CleanPix's rewards come from the rich diversity of tools and software
disciplines needed to fully synchronize the application so that, in all
appearance to end users, it is deceptively simple and agile.

CleanPix staff drink a lot of coffee. Not Cary. He snacks on sweet
peas, cucumbers and carrots (and no, he is not a rabbit).

Herb Peyerl

Infrastructure Architect

CleanPix has always put infrastructure security on the critical path,
instead of as an after-thought. Cloud computing offers a way for
CleanPix to deliver assets very fast and economically, while allowing
good control over client data.

On the weekend, Herb takes out his frustrations on his wilderness
retreat with tractors and a chainsaw.

Mark Abernethy

Art director and UX Designer

I am a Toronto-based independent creative director, designer and
self-proclaimed expert in digital media and visual communications.

Mark is also trying to start a cult that believes in his proclamations.