Manage your media requests from one central hub

CleanPix is a friendly and flexible digital media management service. We help your marketing team to mobilize faster and ensure your critical brand files are delivered into the right hands.

Automatic file formatting

It's simple: you upload your file, and we
process it into a variety of formats and sizes for you.
Your users choose what format they want to download.

Robust tagging system

Quickly apply searchable tags across hundreds or thousands of assets at a time. Or mixed and match them to make cross-referencing easy.  


CleanPix is software as a service (SaaS), hosted in the cloud, so there's no extra burden on your network or
those of your clients.


CleanPix is protected by high-grade 2048-bit SSL encryption signed with SHA-2 over https. Your passwords are never stored in plaintext.

Full vector &
logo support

Upload your vector-based logos in .eps or .ai format and CleanPix automatically handles transparency and multiple file format outputs so that your logo looks the best it can be in multiple use cases.

Control permissions &
license agreements

Add permission controls to your galleries, such
as access codes and expiry dates. Or ask your users
to agree to a customized license agreement before
downloading files.


We've made our reputation for more than a decade by taking care of both our direct clients as well as their users. Support is provided by experts who understand the CleanPix service well.

Implementation & adoption

You can be up and running in less than 60 minutes – no training or extraneous setup required. Any staff member can easily work with CleanPix.

Manage all your digital brand assets

CleanPix is designed for action. It's easy to organize, fast to update, and keeps all of your files in one place so you never miss a deadline hunting for the right files.

  1. Upload your digital brand files
  2. CleanPix converts them into the formats needed
  3. Organize files from one central hub
  4. Manage and deliver your files
    with public access controls
  5. Track your success