Leveraging your digital brand files just became a breeze

Delight your PR & Communications team with our friendly and unique approach to digital asset organization. Find and share your brand marketing material to your external partners effortlessly. Deliver vector-based logos, full-res photos, broadcast-quality video and more!

How it works

The CleanPix Advantage

How much time gets wasted each week trying to find your digital marketing files across your network shares, corporate chat attachments or online file drives? Say goodbye to that frustration with robust search tools, dynamic organization and seamless authorization options you can automate – all from one central hub.

Search and find your digital assets

Search using keywords from background metadata like copyright, photographer, caption, location, or even your own custom fields. Tagging makes it easy to dynamically organize assets by topic labels you define.

Automatically send the right file format

It's simple: you upload your file of any size (including full-size video), and we process it into a variety of formats options for you. Your users choose what format they need and you relax.

Full vector & logo support

Upload your vector-based logo or artwork in .eps or .ai format and CleanPix will automatically handle transparency and multiple file format outputs so that your logo looks the best it can in every use case.

Our dedicated team

CleanPix is friendly because our support staff care! You can expect to speak with an expert when you give us a call or write us an email and we'll be happy to help sort out any questions you may have.

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