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It can take an entire afternoon to search for the right files needed to
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Manage all your digital brand assets

CleanPix is designed for action. It's easy to organize, fast to update, and keeps all of your files in one place so you never miss a deadline hunting for the right files.

  1. Upload your digital brand files
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What drives us

CleanPix aims to delight your PR & Communication team with personalized service
and an inventive approach to file organization, search, and delivery.

We couldn't say it better. Here's how some of our clients use CleanPix:

"CleanPix has been part of our strategic tools for the last 12 years, as we saw our brand collection grow exponentially: logo updates, tons of pictures and now videos."

Andre Schwarz, Proprietor
Post Hotel & Spa, Relais & Château

"This great tool has helped us organize and prioritize our unwieldy media collection across multiple departments and external vendors"

Bob Hazlett, Director of Online Marketing
Memphis Convention & Visitors Bureau

"Immediate access to our key manufacturing photos is required to communicating our work. Our CleanPix collection is securely and instantly available anywhere...
love it!"

Martin Ott, Orgelbaumeister
The Martin Ott Pipe Organ Company

"CleanPix supports our cooperative's communications team and connects industry partners with our photos, logos, and pdf's, as well as safely stores our collection of historical photos. Always in the right format!"

Bonnie Jones, Director,
Public Relations & Communications

Jackson Electric Membership Corporation