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CleanPix offers a wide range of digital management features with flexible plans and flat pricing. Contact us for more information about customizing your service by mixing and matching the features that are most useful for you.

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+ Administrators

Each administrator has their own unique profile complete with their own contact information and unique account notifications.

Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited

+ Users

There is no limit to the number of unique users that you can provide media access to.

Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited

+ Available storage

There is no file size limit, so if you have thousands of photos or lots of HD b-roll footage, CleanPix can handle it!

3 TB 5 TB Starting at 10 TB

Standard features

+ Support (phone, email, online)

Technical support is included with your service and available to both administrators and users alike.

$0 $0 $0

+ Automatic file formatting

CleanPix automatically processes your files into a variety of formats and sizes. There's no need for manual file conversions or back-and-forth about "the right file."

yes yes yes

+ Public media galleries (portals)

Link your gallery directly to the web for simple, immediate access to your digital media files.

yes yes yes

+ Branded galleries

Your company name or logo appears prominently across each page in your account as well as with each private or public gallery.

yes yes yes

+ Asset activity reporting

Get a clear picture of the traffic on your account, including which files are most or least downloaded.

yes yes yes

+ Photo and video galleries

Simply and easily create galleries of your assets and link them to your website – including social media.

yes yes yes

+ Advanced metadata search

CleanPix automatically searches embedded metadata and provides a flexible way to search for your files

yes yes yes

+ Asset tagging system

Our fast and robust tagging system allows for rapid cross-referencing and discovery of your files.

yes yes yes

+ Full vector/logo support

CleanPix provides clean sharp previews and multiple formats including a transparent .png format for your vector-based .eps logo files

yes yes yes

Rights management &
metadata control

+ Public access control

Take control of your galleries with access codes or make it "managed" with media request moderation.

yes yes yes

+ Custom EULA forms

Set up and require "terms of use" or "end user licence agreements" before users can retrieve your assets.

yes yes yes

+ Preset metadata templates

Configure and predefine metadata sets that you can apply at once to your assets. This makes metadata entry even easier when organizing your assets in bulk.

  yes yes

+ Custom metadata fields

Enhance your team's organization and search by adding your own custom metadata fields to each unique asset or by groups of assets.

  yes yes

Even more flexibility

+ Automatic file expiry

This feature allows you to set when files will be removed from access after a date that you specify.

  yes yes

+ File migration

We'll work directly with you to import your files directly into your CleanPix account.


+ Tiered sub-accounts

Create a unique, autonomous company and administrative profile under your main account.
These tiered sub-accounts are able to have independent control over different sets of files and features activated by the parent account.

    Starts with 10 sub-accounts

+ Extras

Contact CleanPix directly to inquire about special development options.

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Custom choices:
Additional storage: +$100/m per TB | Additional asset support: +$300/m per 100K | Preset metadata templates : +$75/m | Custom metadata fields: +$75/m | Automatic file expiry: +$75/m | Standard bulk downloading: +$100/m | Tiered sub-accounts: +$30/m each | Custom projects: $120/h | File migration available