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How much time does your marketing team waste searching for specific brand images? Get that time back with our unique and friendly 100% cloud-based digital asset management service!

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Managing your brand multimedia
- Better with CleanPix

It can take an afternoon searching for the right file to meet an urgent digital media request. Instead, use CleanPix to quickly get your critical files to your fingertips, so you get more done in less time. Get powerful search, plus:

Automatic file formatting

It's simple: you upload your file (of any size), and we process it into a variety of formats and sizes for you. Your users choose which format they want to download.

Full vector & logo support

Upload your vector-based logo or artwork in .eps or .ai format and CleanPix will automatically handle transparency and multiple file format outputs so that your logo looks the best it can in every use case.

Control permissions & license agreements

Create self-serve media galleries, and add permission controls, such as access codes and expiry dates. Even ask your users to agree to a customized license agreement before downloading files.

Dedicated team

You can expect to speak with an expert when you give us a call or write us an email. Effective digital media management is our entire focus. Each member of our team is invested in ensuring each of our client gets the full value out of the CleanPix service.

The CleanPix Advantage

CleanPix aims to delight your PR & Communication team with personalized service and an inventive approach to file organization, search, and delivery.

Robust tagging

Fast, easy public brand portals

Say goodbye to expensive web development for downloadable media galleries. Quickly access your files from one central hub.

  • Generate galleries for internal or external use
  • Link to the web to create a powerful self-serve option for your users
  • Automate media requests from trusted email addresses and company domains
  • Our fast and robust tagging system allows for rapid cross-referencing and discovery of your files.
Tip of the iceberg

Take control of your critical brand files

You may have thousands of your company files in storage, but only current brand files need top exposure. These are the tip of the iceberg, but they define your company worldwide.

Your digital marketing files carry your brand's reputation. Selectively release specific files or share it with the public – you decide because you're in complete control at all times. Our service enhances the way you present your properties to media and travelers by allowing you to promote a positive brand experience.

Organize in bulk with background file metadata and control options

CleanPix supports reading and exporting background metadata to make searching and delivery fast and effective.

  • Easily assign caption and copyright information
  • Set expiry dates to disable access automatically
  • Group assets together in galleries and sub-accounts with differential permissions
  • Get download reports for each asset including format, user and date
  • Create your your own metadata fields to meet the needs of your organization
  • Enable dedicated 3rd party upload support with a tiered sub-account
Massive video support

Easily deliver massive video files

Count on super fast speeds and generous storage options to manage and deliver your large B-roll footage.

Operating business-to-business often means needing to deliver your full, uncompressed footage to a studio that may be across the country, or maybe across the globe. CleanPix is an ideal alternative to FTP servers. There are no file size limits, so you can upload your 10 GB b-roll video and be confident they'll get it delivered quickly and 'as-is' at full quality.

Service Plans

Along with our generous storage options, we offer unlimited users, downloads, file sizes, and technical support for every plan type.


1.5 TBof available storage

  • Predictable, flat rate pricing
  • Technical support included
  • Zero data transfer fees
  • Support for 10K files
  • 2 unique administrator profiles
  • Unlimited end-users
  • Preset metadata templates
  • Custom metadata fields
  • Automatic asset expiry
  • Bulk download support


10 TBof available storage to start

  • Predictable, flat rate pricing
  • Technical support included
  • Zero data transfer fees
  • Support for 100K files to start
  • Unlimited admins and users
  • Preset metadata templates
  • Custom metadata fields
  • Automatic asset expiry
  • 10 Tiered sub-accounts
  • Bulk download support

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you automatically start billing after the trial period?

Nope! Your trial has no obligation and you will not receive an invoice until you contact us to subscribe to a specific service plan. No credit card information is collected during the trial period.

What are your prices?

Please contact us for the most up to date prices for our service plans.
We can also mix-and-match features to meet your needs.

Can the trial period be extended?

Yes! We know that some evaluation periods take longer than others. Simply contact us to extend the trial period with no additional obligation.

How many admin profiles can I add to my account?

Each CleanPix plan includes as many administrator profiles as you need. That being said, most forms of access can be provided via read-only brand portals (aka galleries).

Content administrators are responsible for uploading new files, organizing assets, setting up galleries for end users, and moderating media requests. Everyone else can get special access without ever registering a CleanPix account. Read more...

What is a "tiered sub-account?"?

Tiered sub-accounts allow you to assign roles to different departments with their own login information and provides them with independent control over different sets of files. Read more...

What levels of technical support are included?

We want you to succeed! Technical support is available to both administrators and users alike and there are no additional fees regardless of who requests technical support. Support is available via phone, email or online.


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