Big updates for 2022!

Happy new year!

We are pleased to share a number of important updates to the CleanPix service as we start the New Year!

Mobile enhancements

We have made a number of important changes to the interface to enable a smooth experience when working with CleanPix, no matter what device you are using. If you get a new media request notification and want to review and approve it directly from you phone, that’s easy! Uploading new files and even updating the metadata of multiple assets is now all easily accessible from your PC, tablet or smart device. As always, there’s no software or client to install, all updates are available right away as you log in.

Dark Mode

CleanPix is available with a dark or light theme that can be changed at any time. If your smart device, tablet or PC indicates a preference for dark mode by default, CleanPix will automatically select the new dark mode theme. This will apply to both logged in administrators and end-users. To change the theme from dark to light or vice versa, simply scroll to the bottom of the footer in your account page to toggle between the modes.

Improved processing speed

CleanPix has continued its ongoing work to make using CleanPix as simple as fast as possible. We’ve introduced improvements specifically with video previews and complex vector art where you should notice the most obvious upgrades. Of course, improvements to the uploading and processing for your high quality pictures is also included!

Custom image sizes on demand

As you know, CleanPix generates multiple versions of your files to suit your user’s needs best. Starting today, we’re including an option to enable users to choose resized versions in whatever specific resolution they need. Support for future formats beyond photos is in the works.

Ongoing browser support

From the beginning, we’ve designed CleanPix to work in a broad range of browsers. Along with the enhanced support for smartphone devices, CleanPix works across Microsoft Edge, Apple’s Safari and of course Chrome and Firefox. Please note that while Internet Explorer 11 is also a supported browser by CleanPix, that Microsoft is ending all updates and security patches to Internet Explorer as of June 15, 2022. As such, we are strongly recommending users switch from IE as soon as possible.

Thank you…

We appreciate the ongoing opportunity to serve you and your team! As always, please don’t hesitate to reach out if we can help you with any aspect of the service. We wish all of you a very happy and successful 2022.

– CleanPix

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