Advanced search and organization options

easy-galleriesAs your CleanPix library grows from just a couple hundred files to thousands or even tens of thousands of files, the time it takes to search, organize or access those files can increase as well.

CleanPix offers advanced search and organizational abilities to make it simple to find and select files for inclusion in your galleries and to make sure you have the right files ready to go at a moment’s notice.

Your account includes an inclusive select-all feature that works across multiple pages and between searches, a robust tagging system for rapid cross referencing and even reverse keyword search options to remove results that match a particular term.

Besides the basic keyword search which already uses your file’s metadata, you can also use the following advanced look-up syntax:
• title:“asset title” – Search for your term only within the title metadata
• tag:“tag name” – Search for files tagged with that name
• uploader:“uploader email” – Search for files uploaded by a specific account profile
• no:tags – Display all assets that have no tags yet assigned
• no:galleries – Display all assets that haven’t been assigned to a specific gallery

Check out these advanced search for yourself in your own account or contact us with any questions. We’re here to help!

Feature announcement: Detailed contact metadata for original asset creators

Save and search detailed author contact information with enhanced metadata

We understand that identifying and labeling your assets is vital to your day-to-day operations. With our latest update, CleanPix enables you to identify the correct author or credit for each asset, search based on the author/credit field, and link contact information directly with the author’s name.

With this enhancement, you can now:

• Store detailed contact information for each author
• Specify individual authors for a single or multiple assets at a time
• Search for assets based directly on the author or credit name
• Find contact information for a specific author and/or credit an asset with a new address book
• Customize unique and custom fields for each author (such as providing a specified URL to a specific license agreement or website)

We are excited to announce that the feature is available immediately. Sign up for your free trial today to take advantage of this feature and many more!

Thank you for joining us at PRSA Travel and Tourism Conference!

Hi, it’s Chip. I had a great time attending the PRSA Travel and Tourism Conference in Lexington, KY last week.
Dan Roam’s keynote called “The Back of the Napkin: Solving Problems and Selling Ideas With Pictures” was really great! The 6×6 method for sharing visuals to solve a problem really resonated with me. Jillian Braun shared an awesome picture on Twitter to illustrate the points.