Inside CleanPix: Updated Tiered Sub-Accounts

CleanPix Updates its “Tiered Sub-Accounts” Feature

We have some exciting news to share today:

Tiered sub-accounts inside the CleanPix platform have been updated!

This blog will explain what the new features are and why they matter to your business. Let’s dive in.

What Are Tiered Sub-Accounts?

First off, what are tiered sub-accounts?

In simple terms, a sub-account is a unique profile that allows for independent control and access to specific files. Roles and privileges can be customized and users are free to act autonomously within the set parameters.

Basically, sub-accounts allow CleanPix clients to grant specific access to other individuals, while still maintaining complete control and security.

So What’s New?

This new update is definitely a fresh take on the sub-accounts feature! Let’s cover some of the main differences now:

  • Each unique sub-account can be configured with it’s own set of assigned assets from the main account, or configured for upload only privileges.
  • Admins can send user uploads straight to the account staging library for review, or enable direct Asset Stream uploading to streamline the availability of new assets.
  • Your company can now generate multiple usernames and passwords for each sub-account that share the same privileges and files. This is great for specific departments or regional offices!
  • Each sub-account can be configured with an end user license agreement (EULA) to help manage all legal requirements. This includes rights management for third party uploads and other third party file uses.

If you have a Premier level account, these enhancements are available immediately. Plus level accounts also qualify for one unique sub-account included with the service — just contact us to activate.

If you are on the Standard plan, or need additional sub-accounts, they are only $35/m and can host any number of unique user profiles.

Tiered Sub-Account Use Cases

Maybe you’re wondering how tiered sub-accounts can enhance your business process. That’s a great question! Here are a couple main examples:

1. Different Departments, Different Privileges

If you’re company is split into different departments, tiered sub-accounts is a wonderful feature. The company admin can assign different privileges and abilities to each division, ensuring best organizational practices.

2. Working With Freelancers

Does your company work with outside professionals? Perhaps you hire a range of different photographers and graphic designers. By granting them access to a tiered sub-account, they’ll be able to easily upload their work for review, without having access to your entire system.

This has the potential to streamline your content reviewal process and make your team much more productive.

Wrapping Up

We’re very excited to be releasing this update to tiered sub-accounts inside CleanPix!

Remember, all Plus and Premier level members have access to at least one tiered sub-account. Additional sub-accounts cost just an additional $35 a month, making them very affordable. Please contact us if you’d like to take advantage and we’ll help you get started.

That’s it for today, but we have more updates and features in the works so stay tuned!

– Jacob Thomas

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