Exploring the “Upload Only” Capabilities with CleanPix

This new capability gives our clients an easy way to limit 3rd party privileges to “upload only”. We want to explore this functionality in greater detail in this blog post. Keep reading to learn how this feature can be applied to a few different real-life scenarios.

“Upload Only” Use Cases

There are three main uses cases for the “upload only” feature:

  1. Working with external contributors like freelancers and agencies,
  2. Sharing files between internal company departments,
  3. Assisting with user generated content (UGC) marketing campaigns.

Let’s explore each in greater detail.

Working With Freelancers and Agencies

For many businesses, the contributions of freelancers and agencies are vital. Without the help of talented photographers and writers, or entire external marketing teams, they wouldn’t be able to compete in the current digital landscape.

But just because a certain professional (or team) is crucial to company success, doesn’t mean you’re ready to give them the keys to all your important company media, right? Definitely not. And that’s one reason why the “upload only” feature is so beneficial.

Rather than granting external contributors uninhibited access to your company’s complete library of media, you can restrict their access and allow them to only upload files to CleanPix.

You can even configure uploads to jump straight to your back room storage (Asset Staging), to keep your live library clean and tidy. Uploaders won’t be able to see what you store in your account or make any changes. But they will be able to do exactly what you hired them to do: submit their work (photographs, videos, blog posts, etc.) to your company by the agreed upon due date.

Using 3rd party uploading means you won’t have to worry about sharing large files via email, waiting until a later date to uploading said files to your CleanPix account or any of the myriad of other issues that this process could entail either. A real time saver!

Sharing Amongst Internal Company Departments

What about sharing files internally? Sure, you’re all on the same team, and you don’t worry about private company details ending up where they don’t belong. But there’s also an organizational concern.

Simply put, not everyone on your team needs access to make updates or changes to your existing collection. However, they may need an easy way to load new files in so that your team of administrators can take the appropriate actions with those new assets. The “upload only” feature inside CleanPix is a fantastic way to make this happen.

Taking Advantage of User Generated Content

Finally, the “upload only” feature can make using and working with user generated content much more convenient. If you’re not familiar with the term, user generated content is any piece of content that is created and distributed — whether by social media, blog post, review site, etc. — by people unassociated with the brand being represented.

With the rise of social media, this marketing tactic has become very popular and effective. It can result in free publicity, a deeper bond with your customers, and more trust between your company and the prospects it’s trying to reach.

Here’s a hypothetical example:

Outdoorio is a footwear brand that specializes in crafting high-end shoes for people who enjoy the outdoors. To help promote their products, they decided to run a user generated content campaign. Customers were asked to submit pictures of themselves wearing Outdoorio shoes in “amazing places” like at the top of a mountain or next to a waterfall.

The customer whose picture was voted the winner would win a free trip to Yosemite, a week-long stay in a hotel, and a suitcase full of Outdoorio gear. Great prize package, right? Outdoorio customers thought so too and the company was inundated with hundreds of photographs.

Fortunately, Outdoorio set up a dedicated “upload only” account inside CleanPix that allowed hundreds of contest participants to upload their photos directly into the Outdoorio CleanPix account.

The Outdoorio team was then able to search through all of the submissions and isolate the top images to be posted to Instagram for a public vote. They also moved the submitted files inside a special UGC gallery for future ad campaigns and Instagram posts.

And because CleanPix also provides the ability to set up user agreements prior to upload, the Outdoorio team was able to easily manage the legal side of 3rd party submissions and usage rights.

In Conclusion

The “upload only” capability included with our Tiered Sub-Accounts feature inside CleanPix is useful in a variety of different scenarios. The three mentioned in this blog post are the most likely but by no means the only ones available.

We encourage you to explore this feature and use it where you see fit! Whether you’re working with outside freelancers or agencies, sharing files internally, or running user generated content marketing campaigns, “upload only” will help.

If you happen to have more questions about this or any other CleanPix feature or capability, please give us a call. We’d love the opportunity to help you get the most out of our service!

– Jacob Thomas

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