Better Call Chip: Get Your Digital Asset Management Questions Answered by an Industry Expert

Get your digital asset management questions answered

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Have you been looking into digital asset management (DAM) services for your business? Do you have questions about how DAM works or which tool will best fit your company’s unique situation? Maybe you’re stuck in a long term contract with a DAM provider but aren’t happy with the service. Now that your contract is about to end, you want to make sure the tool you select next is the right one.

No matter what DAM question(s) you might have, we have answers! That’s what we wanted to share with you today. Our industry expert, Chip Hoffman, is ready and waiting to answer your burning DAM questions.

Whether you’re brand new to DAM and want to learn the basics…

Or you’re a new CleanPix trial user and need to know how to use a specific CleanPix feature…

Or you’re a DAM pro and simply need clarification on our straightforward CleanPix pricing structure, we encourage you to give Chip a call.

Who’s Chip Hoffman?

Great question. Chipp Hoffman is our industry expert here at CleanPix. He’s been with our company since its inception in 2001. That’s 18 years and counting! Back when he started, most companies stored their brand files on 35mm slides.

Chip’s been in the industry for a long time. He’s seen it change and grow and he’s intimately familiar with the modern needs of companies like yours. Whether you’re the PR director of a large, multi-national corporation, or the owner of a small local business, Chip has the experience you need. And he’s completely at your disposal.

Why not take advantage, pick up the phone, and talk with him for 5 minutes? If a phone call doesn’t work for you, Chip is also reachable via email.

Give Chip a Call

What are you waiting for?

If you have DAM questions — What makes DAM services better than Dropbox… How do I organize my brand assets inside the CleanPix asset stream… Does CleanPix require long-term contracts? — Chip is more than happy to answer them.

His only goal is to keep you informed. He won’t try to sell you the CleanPix service. That’s a promise. He’ll simply answer any questions you have and help you determine what DAM solution is best for your company’s needs.

Sound like a plan? Great! Schedule your meeting with Chip today and get the answers you need.

Give Chip A Call: 1-587-323-1861

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