9 Proven Ecommerce Marketing Tips

What is Ecommerce Marketing? First, let’s start with a definition. According to Shopify, ecommerce marketing is: “The practice of using promotional tactics to drive traffic to your online store, converting that traffic into paying customers, and retaining those customers post-purchase.” But how do you actually do ecommerce marketing? That’s what we’ll talk about in the next section when we share 9 ecommerce marketing tips you can implement and benefit from immediately after reading.

The 8 Best Branding Podcasts in 2020

Keep reading to learn about the best podcasts on branding so that you can up your skills while you drive to work, walk the dog, or cook dinner for the kids. 1. Brand Builder Brand Builder is a podcast by SnackNation and ForceBrands that shares stories from some of the world’s top business and branding experts.

The 8 Best Marketing Software For Small Businesses

That doesn’t mean marketing a small business is easy. But it is possible — especially if you use the eight best marketing software for small businesses listed below. 1. Google Analytics Google Analytics is the go-to website analytics tool for millions of organizations around the world. All small business owners have to do is add the Analytics code to their websites.

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