Increase Workplace Productivity with These Top 10 Productivity Apps

If you’re looking to get more done in less time, this is the post for you. In it, we’ll explore our top 10 productivity apps and why you should consider using them straight away.

Unlike many other posts of this nature, this list won’t be comprised of productivity apps in the traditional sense. Rather, we’ll discuss the kinds of tools you’re already using — email marketing software, bookkeeping apps, digital storage services, and more — and tell you why our picks in each of these categories will help you get more done quicker.

Let’s get started!

Use These Apps to Increase Workplace Productivity

Need to get more done in less time? Of course, you do! The following list of carefully selected applications will help you save more precious hours every week. Here are our top 10 productivity apps.


Enter Grammarly. This app was designed to simplify the writing process by automatically analyzing your spelling, grammar, and sentence structure. If it finds a mistake, it will immediately notify you and suggest the proper change.

The best part? It integrates with many popular tools allowing its users to edit their work inside G Suite, Slack, Facebook Messenger, LinkedIn and more. From quick blog posts to full-length eBooks, Grammarly is a fantastic app that will definitely boost your productivity. Give it a go for free.


If you’re marketing department is anything like ours, you’re constantly juggling multiple projects, each being worked on by different team members, and each having specific due dates. Things can easily begin falling through the cracks. Not with CoSchedule.

In one glance, you can see every project in your marketing pipeline, its current status, and due date. CoSchedule also includes reusable calendar templates, built in social publishing capabilities, and a growing list of integrations, making it a super simple, time-saving tool.

Packages start at $60 a month, but you can try CoSchedule for free today to make sure it jives with your marketing team’s workflow.


Its patent-pending technology will automatically send your campaigns at the exact time they’re most likely to be opened. If that doesn’t work, Robly’s “open-gen” feature can be automated to resend your campaign with a new subject line; increasing open rates by as much as 50%.

Other standard features include mobile responsive templates, detailed reports, and award-winning customer support. It’s truly a fantastic suite of powerful, time-saving features that you can try today for free.


Need to organize your various conversations between specific teams, projects, or clients? Use Slack. Enjoy true face-to-face interaction and want to carry out calls via video message? Use Slack.

Already use a host of other apps you know and love like Zendesk or Salesforce? Slack integrates with many other popular applications so you can design your workflow exactly the way you want.

If you’re constantly spending your valuable time replying to an endless stream of (mostly irrelevant) emails, culling through your message search history to find specific communications, or consistently bouncing back and forth between multiple applications, Slack will definitely make you more productive with its suite of efficient features.

Start with a free account, good for forever. Or upgrade to a paid account for as low as $6.25 a month and unlock all the app has to offer.


Users create different boards (described by Trello as “lists of lists”), each consisting of various cards (items on the lists). Cards can contain comments and file uploads and can be outfitted with labels, due dates, and more. Boards can easily be shared with anyone — your internal marketing team, hired agencies, boards of directors, etc. — and each task can be assigned to a specific person.

Trello even lets you communicate with colleagues inside the app so you never waste time switching back and forth between your project management tool and any of the various communication solutions on the market.

Use Trello for free, forever. Or upgrade to a paid account, starting at $9.99 a month, and get even more productivity-inducing project management features.


BookedIN is appointment scheduling at its finest. You’ll love how simple it makes the whole process with powerful features including automated appointment and payment reminders, client self-service scheduling, and more.

And the best part? Your clients will LOVE using BookedIN too! For photographers, beauty salons, personal trainers and any other service-based business, BookedIN is definitely worth checking out. Start your free trial today.


Once all your company time is tracked, you’ll have access to thorough reports detailing who spent how much time on what project. Use this valuable information to see where improvements can be made, the actual cost per hour of each of your projects, and more.

Toggl is very simple to use but incredibly powerful. After all, the more you know about how your time is spent, the better equipped you’ll be to spend your time more wisely in the future; thus increasing productivity.

Try Toggl for free for 30 days. Then pay as little as $9 a month to continue accessing this little gem of a productivity app.


First, choose the kind of graphic you want to design and Canva will automatically pull the correct dimensions for you, or input your own custom dimensions. Once the size of your image has been chosen, Canva offers many free templates for you to choose from and begin customizing.

Pick your desired fonts and the location of all text, add various shapes or change colors to give your image a unique look, and upload your own photos (such as a company logo) to reinforce your company’s branding.

The whole process is very intuitive and, with just a bit of effort, will allow you to create some pretty spectacular images in no time flat. Start designing now for free.


Let’s face it; business accounting isn’t a task most of us enjoy. And while Freshbooks might not make you love balancing the books, it will definitely help you hate it less. In fact, you might not mind it at all after using this app!

Try it for free today and see if Freshbooks is your ticket to speedy bookkeeping bliss.


But where does all this visual content get stored? Unfortunately, for most companies, the answer is everywhere. A few files may be on one employee’s computer, others collect dust on a portable hard drive in the boss’s desk, and still, others are stored in random Dropbox folders across the web.

This just isn’t an efficient way to work. When you need to store, organize, locate and distribute your company’s digital assets quickly, CleanPix is the best option.

Through the use of metadata and extensive tagging capabilities, you’ll be able to locate your files faster, without any hassle. And when you need to send files — whether to colleagues, media professionals, or anyone else — you can do so via private download portals or public facing galleries.

Finally, unlike many other DAM services, CleanPix offers straightforward pricing options so you’re never surprised by extra fees. Try CleanPix for free today.

Making the Most of Your Time

If you’re looking to increase your productivity and get more done in less time — and let’s face it we’re all looking to do that — the above-chosen apps will do the trick.

They aren’t all “productivity” apps, but they all have wonderfully intuitive features and will help you do the tasks you’re already performing — writing, emailing, project managing, file storing, etc. — faster.

So try them out today. And let us know in the comments below which you find most helpful. To greater productivity!

– Jacob Thomas

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