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CleanPix is a digital asset management (DAM) service that makes organizing, locating and sharing the files in your company’s media library a breeze.

Do you regularly find yourself spending multiple hours a week searching for specific files across various folders, drives or computers?

Does your business regularly receive requests from media outlets in need of high-res images to include in their stories about your organization; sending you on yet another file finding mission?

If so, CleanPix can help!

In this post, we’ll explore how CleanPix can increase the efficiency and productivity of your marketing department and bring order to your current mess of digital assets.

And then we’ll give you the chance to try our service out for yourself for free!

Who CleanPix is for?

CleanPix is specifically designed for marketing and PR teams.

If your company (like most others) owns a large media library — photos, videos, presentations, etc. — but doesn’t currently use one centralized system to organize them all, you understand the tiresome process of searching for files.

Locating specific assets can often take upwards of 15 minutes per file and quickly adds up when multiple files need to be found. This is time that could be spent on more important, business building tasks.

CleanPix was designed to eliminate this tedious process and make the finding of files quick and easy. And many different companies in an array of different fields and industries have used our platform to do just that!

What Features Does CleanPix Offer?

So how exactly will CleanPix make the organizing, locating and distributing of digital assets more convenient? Through the intelligent use of a few key features. Let’s briefly explore each of them and explain how they work.

Organize and Locate Your Files

The CleanPix service come with a robust metadata and tagging system allowing you, the administrator of your company’s CleanPix account, to quickly and easily arrange each of your files in a customized and orderly fashion.

These same metadata and tagging features also allow for convenient searching of all files. Meaning the locating of specific assets just requires a quick search of a tag (basically a keyword for your files) and it will be found immediately.

Additionally, CleanPix doesn’t limit the size of files you’re able to upload as many other DAM services do. If you want to upload high-res photos or even b-roll footage, CleanPix is ready and willing to accommodate.

Store and organize any file inside your CleanPix account and quickly find it again when it’s most needed.

Distribute Your Files

Once a desired file has been located, we assume you want to do something with it right? Perhaps you want to send the asset to someone, either internally or externally, so that they can have and use the file as well.

We see this a lot with our clients in the hospitality and travel industries. They often receive media requests from news outlets, blogs and others asking for images to accompany the articles they’ve written about our clients hotels and/or attractions.

Sure, specific images can be sent via email, but what if the media outlet requests a high-res photo or multiple assets? Email becomes a tedious and impractical solution.

Enter CleanPix; the easiest way for marketing and PR professionals to distribute their digital media libraries! Our service gives you multiple distribution options:

Private Download Portals

If you only need to send one file, a private download portal might be the most appropriate option. The receiver will be emailed a link from which they can quickly download the aforementioned asset; conveniently, with no hassle.

The downloader doesn’t even need to bother with creating their own account and choosing a password — another thing they’ll just have to remember for future reference.

Instead, every private download portal is directly linked to the email of the receiver. Only they can access the files you send via their personal link. This makes for a highly secure and convenient system.

CleanPix Galleries

CleanPix also includes a feature called “galleries“, also known as brand portals. Galleries are public-facing libraries of digital assets that requesters (such as the media outlet in our above example) can access, browse through, and request use of the included files — all on their own.

No longer do you have to hunt down specific images. You just send a link and let the interested party find exactly what they need by themselves. It’s an incredibly convenient process for both you and anyone requesting assets from your company!

Once a request has been made, the administrator of your company’s CleanPix account simply needs to approve or deny it.

There’s no limit to how many files can be added or downloaded to a CleanPix gallery. So we recommend to all our clients that they simply upload any and all assets that they feel adequately represent their brand and send the link to interested groups. How’s that for convenience?

CleanPix intuitive distribution features makes sharing your company’s files quick and easy — for you and the people you’re sharing your files with.

Straightforward Pricing

Something we’ve heard consistently from many of our current clients is their appreciation for our straightforward pricing structure. When you sign up for CleanPix, you’re signing up for a specific set of features at a specific price.

You’ll never be bombarded with extra fees because your assets were downloaded “too many times”. Or get stuck paying exorbitant prices for features you don’t even use. The price you’re quoted is the exact price you’ll pay.

But before we talk anymore about pricing, take CleanPix for a spin for free. See for yourself if our service lives up to the claims we’ve made about it. Introduce it into your company’s workflow and make sure it’s as intuitive and easy to use as we’ve said.

Try CleanPix for FREE today!

A Better DAM Service

CleanPix is both powerful and easy to use. In fact, we regularly say that new clients — even if they have no prior knowledge or experience with DAM — can be up and running with our service in less than 60 minutes!

But don’t just take our word for it. Sign up for your free trial and you’ll have complete access to our full suite of features. You can then see for yourself the ease-of-use and company transforming power of our service.

Try CleanPix for free today!

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